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“Rogue Agent”  (Feature - Action Thriller) 

Logline:  She was a lethal lesbian on a mission, and his love for her had no hope.  Until the bullets started flying, and suddenly it was the only hope either of them had.

Description: Intelligent, female led, diverse, exciting and funny, “Rogue Agent” is probably the only action thriller ever to combine witchcraft and biotechnology. Combines the action of “Die Hard” with the humor of “Romancing The Stone.”  

“Sugar Babe”  (Series - Drama / Dark Comedy)

Logline : Good girl, bad choices

Description:  “Pretty Woman” meets “Fleabag”.  A young woman falls into a lion’s den of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babes in ultra-rich London.

Through adventures and disasters in an immoral world her spirit, irreverent wit and guts win our hearts, even when her life decisions make our toes curl.  A Millennial lost on stormy seas, with no lifeboat in sight…

Higher (Feature – Magical Realism)

Logline: The best superpowers are the ones you find inside

Description: In this coming-of-age fantasy, a lonely boy daydreams his way into superpowers, which win him success and admiration but lose him the respect of the ones he loves.  When his superpowers suddenly vanish, he has only one place to turn.  An adaptation of a film classic.

“How Not to Get Over Your Ex” (Feature – Rom-Com)

Logline:  Where’s the delete button on a broken heart?  

Description:  When everywhere you go reminds you of the one you’ve lost, try putting your memories on a map and re-visiting them one by one with someone new.  New memory in, old memory out – what could possibly go wrong?


CBS News - Reporter

1988 – 2000 (Freelance 1982-1988)
Emmy Award-winning on-air radio and TV reporter, writer and producer. Jesse Schulman rose from newsroom junior assistant to Emmy-winning foreign correspondent reporting for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. His journalistic career spanned major stories of modern times including the fall of the Berlin Wall, Desert Storm, the Arab-Israeli conflict and many others.


Originally trained as a scientist with a doctorate in brain research, Jesse Schulman has been a researcher, a biotechnology entrepreneur, a radio and television war correspondent and an investment banker. His travels have taken him to places high and low, and shown him the best and the worst of what our world has to offer.  He is now building on his experiences to achieve his greatest dream: to tell stories that move people and touch lives.