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Sugar Babe – Series (Original)

Set in amoral and hedonistic ultra-rich London, Sugar Babe is a young woman’s quest to achieve her dreams in a world where everything has a price.

Higher Than Rainbow – Feature (Adaptation)

In this coming-of-age story, a lonely boy daydreams his way into superpowers, only to learn the hard way that the only strengths that matter are those within him.

How Not to Forget Your Ex – Feature (Original)

A rom-com with an edge. A young man who can’t get over his ex puts his memories of her on a map, then tries to erase them by taking new dates to every spot. What he doesn’t know is that his ex is doing the same...


CBS News - Reporter

1988 – 2000 (Freelance 1982-1988)
Emmy Award-winning on-air radio and TV reporter, writer and producer. I rose from newsroom junior assistant to Emmy-winning foreign correspondent reporting for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. I had the good fortune and privilege to cover major events and stories of our times including the fall of the Berlin Wall, Desert Storm, the Arab-Israeli conflict and many others.


In a varied and adventurous career he has   been a scientist, a CEO, a war correspondent and an investment banker. Story-telling is crucial to all of these roles! My last act is to live my dream of telling stories that move people and touch lives.