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Camille Grenier - Démo 2018
Girls in the Woods (2017) The Girl In The Woods is a hyper realistic dark comedy that follows Beatrix, an eccentric self destructive girl, and Charlie, her naive brother, as they try and save the orphanage they grew up in by stealing a painting from a Snuff director.
Together Alone (2014) ourt métrage réalisé par Guillaume Corde (2014) avec Jordan Rountree, Camille Grenier, Ivan Sellier, Husky Kihal, Nicky Marbot Sélectionné au "Festival des films du monde" (Montréal) et "Courts devant" (Paris)
Nodal (2015) An irrational scientist defies her peers by undergoing the first trial in Human Teleportation to realize that going against nature has its consequences. Official Selection Los Angeles CineFest 2016 Official Selection ClujShorts International Short Film Festival 2016 Media Awards 2015 Nominations: - Best Picture - Best Directing - Best Screenwriting Written by Marcello Pautasso Directed by Linda Dahlem Executive Producer: Linda Dahlem Produced by Marcello Pautasso Director of Photography: Pawan Tangsritrakul Production Designer: Nadrudee Prakobkaew Sound Operator: Mike Lee Chan - Oran Khanyalucksakun Editor: Marcello Pautasso 1st Assistant Director : Javier J. Espinoza Make Up Artist: Nadrudee Prakobkaew ADR engineer: Sanya Savia Sequeira DI Colorist: Pawan Tangsritrakul In the role of Sierra: Camille Grenier
It Was Daly (2015) Directed By Eduardo Rufeisen With Camille Grenier (Virginia Woolf) and Max Bravo (Leonard Woolf)

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Bande démo sonore - Camille Grenier